Jeffrey Nordella grew up in near poverty, yet he succeeded in earning a medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine. He married his soul mate, had three beautiful children, and spent each day at his family and urgent care clinic doing what doctors are supposed to do and what he loved: caring for people.


He never thought that advocating for his patients would make him the target of a “for profit” insurance company whose subscribers comprised nearly 60 percent of his practice.


Thus began the 10-year strategic legal battle, which included submission of the case to the United States Supreme Court.  This story illuminates a single medical practitioner locking arms with a solo-practicing attorney to challenge the unethical and illegal business practices of the multi-billion dollar insurance giant, Anthem Blue Cross.


Amidst the legal fight, Dr. Nordella suffered tragic personal losses that would bring the average man to his knees. The murder of his beloved wife marked the pinnacle of his pain.


This nonfiction book chronicles one man’s journey to overcome insurmountable odds ending in a monumental, multi million dollar jury verdict.


This extraordinary story is brought to you because Dr. Nordella refused to be censored by confidentiality.


DENIED a must read.

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